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Weaving rugs by order is probably my favorite way to weave. I like weaving different colors and textures that clients have suggested and can hardly wait to remove it from the loom to see the finished product. I like that these rugs are reversible and wash up very nicely. Washing instructions are included with each rug.


Priced and made by order.

These rugs are made from new burlap with natural colored warp. They measure 27" and can be woven to any length. They make wonderful door mats so just measure your door width to get a perfect fit. Burlap color is a tan/light brown but other colors may be available upon request. Price: .70 per inch


These rugs are upcycled from old tee shirts. The tee shirts are washed cut and then looped together like you might loop rubberbands creating a bumpy texture when woven. Very similiar to the sock looper rugs. The rugs range in a variety of colors depending on tee shirts available. Clients may donate old tee shirts such as old sports tee shirts to have a rug woven with a personal touch.  This would make a great graduation gift. These rugs are woven with natural warp and are very durable. They are 27" wide. Price: .70 per inch


Made by order from old blue jeans

These rugs are upcycled from old blue jeans and woven with either a colored warp or natural warp. Jeans are usually donated then washed and prepared by this weaver.If you love your jeans but just can't part with them, I can weave them into a beautiful rug that you can treasure for a life time. These rugs have a width of 27". Other colors can be added at the request of the client. Price: .70 per inch


Rugs can also be custom ordered. Just e-mail/contact me and provide me with color schemes, picture of room decor, or color swatches. I will do my best to match your colors. If you are not completely satisfied just return the rug undamaged (please do not wash) within 14 days for full refund or you can reorder and try again. These rugs will have a width of 27" and have either natural or colored warp. Price: $1.00 per inch


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