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Handwoven Products

Blue Jean Tote  Price: $40.00

This tote is made from woven blue jeans. The lining is made from recycled flannel shirt. A jean pocket is located on the outside and inside. the strap is made from the jean waist band. The tote measures 13' by 13" and strap is 28" long. Totes with clasp $45


$6.00 each or 2/$10.00

Having a bad hair day? Just slip a headband on and go. Great for camping and music festivals. Come in a variety of prints and colors. One size fits all

Festee/Yoga Mat  Price: $24.25

This rug is made from plastic grocery sacks. It measures 27" by 48.5". Colors are gray, white,tan, and blue. These rugs can be made at different lenghs. They make great car mats, pet dish mats, and music festival mats. They sell for $.50 per inch. Prices vary due to length.

Window Pane Handwoven Scarf $45.00

This scarf was woven with a recycled yarn giving it a soft woren look and feel. It measures 8" x 78" giving you lots of room to make cool knots. It has a 2" fringe. The color is poppy with purple/brown window panes. 

Tee Shirt Rug  Price: $26.40

This bold colored rug is made from slightly worn tee shirts. Tee shirts are cut then looped together to create bumps in the rug. It measures 27" by 44". The warp is natural and fringe measures 3". 

Upholstery Rug  Price: $36.40

This rug is made from upholstery remnants. It measures 27" by 52". The warp is tan, black and natural with "log cabin" design on each side. Colors are rich earth tones. Fringeless rug with handsewn hem.

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