I recently retired from teaching and decided to change a life long hobby into a business. I have three large floor looms in my living room which we now call 'The Loom Room". I try to weave different fibers upcycling slightly worn clothes and fabrics. Most rugs are woven by order matching color schemes provided by the client. I have recently begun weaving plastic grocery sacks which make excellent car mats, yoga mats and festee mats. I also weave cotton, blue jean, tee shirts, burlap, plastic tablecloths, panty hose and trash bags. All make for interesting and beautiful rugs.

Blue Jean Rug

Blue Jean Rug

This rug is made from recycled blue jeans

Grocery Sack Rug

Grocery Sack Rug

Made from plastic grocery sacks

Looper Tee Shirt Rug

Looper Tee Shirt Rug

Made from old tee shirts looped together to create an interesting texture


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534 Woodside Rd Patriot, Ohio 45658


Most rugs can be shipped flat rate or local pick up

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